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Produce Swap Trolley Launched

With the generous assistance of South Coast Primary & Community Partnerships we were very pleased to launch this very sturdy produce swap trolley on the grounds of Manna Gum Community House in Foster recently.

Bec Matthews (Manager, Manna Gum Community House, Elizabeth Collins (Project GreenPlot Founder) and Beth Allan from South Coast Primary & Community Partnerships)


We hope the space will become a part of everyday life for many local residents, who will know it as a place to easily share what grows in their garden, or to drop by and pick up some fruit or herbs or seeds for their use at home.

When Lockdown #6 was suddenly announced, two boxes of apples were donated to Manna Gum from the local school's breakfast program - and the apples were gone within a few days. Another local with an overflowing mandarin tree has started dropping off a bagful and dedicated makers of preserves have been heading home with some citrus bounty for transformation into shiny jars of marmalade.

Being able to easily and efficiently redistribute what might have otherwise gone to waste is a big part of this community facility.

Donations are welcome from those who are in a position to do so, as this will help support what Project GreenPlot does as the months roll on. Seeds, on sale for just $1.00, are always being topped up (currently in the bar fridge to keep them safe) with stock coming from local gardens - with some unusual versions in amongst them.

If you're going past and notice something not quite at its prime, there's a bucket for compost and another for bags if you don't have any handy. We can all do a little to make it work, in so many ways...


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