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Things have been ticking along since the last post back in September - now we're up to the bit where we have a critical mass of 64 Plotters to keep up a rhythm of fortnightly Distribution Days! What we find is that not everyone can contribute all at once - we all have our ebbs and flows in our edible gardens. We've noticed that even during low points of the year, boxes have been filled with a wonderful variety because the task is spread between many gardeners, each gathering more wisdom and trying new crops as the harvests go by...

Each time we send out several boxes of fresh food we keep the stats on what's in them: to date, we've sent out a whopping 43 kilos spanning an equally impressive 68 different vegetables, herbs and fruit, ensuring a great set of possibilities for those receiving their just-picked box of goodness. In February's run it included the wondrous tromboncino zucchini (in the basket pictured) with its curious Mr Curly shape - not only a special looking item but also easy to manage with a very long shelf life.

December 2020 was also significant: that small bag of sprouting garlic donated by Andris at Franklin River Garlic (pic below) was harvested by our Founding Plotters and returned over 5kgs and nearly $150 worth of organic garlic to Manna Gum Community House.

Grow well, and get in touch if you'd like to join us.

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