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Ist Birthday!

Congratulations to us. It was mid September 2020 when we sent out our first five boxes of fresh produce to households in the area. Twelve months later we do fortnightly Distribution Days with 10-15 fully laden boxes lined up by midday.

Hundreds of kilos of food, thousands of dollars worth. It's amazing what a bit of co-ordination and partnership can do.

86 Plotters, local gardening mentors Juneen Schultz, Silvia Cardona and Nat Oudyn, Manna Gum Community House management and volunteers Juliette and Rosemary, Neil and Sven of Namoorook organic farm, Pieter and Marianne at Fynbos Farm, Nicole at The Kitchen Table, South Coast Primary and Community Partnership - all have given vital assistance to the project.

We thank you all.

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