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We were more than a little excited earlier this week when we packed up five tailor-made, home grown and totally fresh boxes of produce for Manna Gum Community House clients. Having grown our Plotter numbers steadily these past few months, it was great to land the point of it all: good food to locals, grown by locals. We'll get better at the stats, but we estimate the value of the food distributed to be around $250. Easy peas when Plotters have spent a few minutes in their little patch and then answered the call on drop off day.

The best bit? What went into those boxes was selected to suit. No point including lemons if the person doesn't like lemons. That's why working with those who know well their clientele makes such a difference. Volunteer Juliette was across the preferences of all those who come in to get food support and was a vital cog in this community wheel.

We'll now continue to swell our Plotter numbers, our crop diversity and output so that more locals can get their mouths around really tasty, low food mile food. Three weeks will become fortnightly or weekly as the weather warms up and those zucchinis start to surprise us.

Let the stats begin...

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