Seedlings in Pots

Put aside 1 sq metre of your garden to grow a little crop. Harvests can be donated to help feed others in our community, or allowed to go to seed to keep our Seedbank well stocked. We'll supply you with seed or seedlings - and you can let us know when they're ready.

If you don't have any space but have some good gardening muscle, perhaps there's an older person with more land living nearby you could partner with?


If you need some support to get a food garden started, we've got you covered. It doesn't have to be expensive and with a collective of mentors and resources nearby, your chances of success are high.

We have a starter kit for newbies and low-income households can access these at no cost.


Contribute to community by encouraging your staff to become Plotters, promote our project or even purchase the produce grown to support our efforts.

Have you seen the stats on what it takes to get food grown and delivered around this big nation of ours? By signing up your staff with a 1 sq metre plot, you'll soon clock up some good karma points for the Earth.


We'd love to hear your ideas and have you join us.

Elizabeth can be contacted on 0428 526 403

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Manna Gum Community House in Foster is the auspicing body for Connect the Plots and all its projects.


We are very grateful for their support and expertise. Just as the kitchen is so often the heart of a home, Manna Gum is a place to gather, be welcomed and be taken care of. We look forward to helping them in their work.

33 Station Road, Foster   5682 1101

We acknowledge the Bunurong and Gunaikurnai People and show our respects to the ancestors of Country and the people living today of these tribal nations. We recognise that there have been fundamental changes to their culture and will work to restore what we can. We can all honour these ancestors by caring for country and respecting the balance of nature that feeds and protects all living things.

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